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Indus Academies are an initiative of the Career Launcher Education Foundation (CLEF) to meet the need for quality learning centers in rural India. We work at the bottom of the socio economic pyramid to bring access and excellence in education. The project is being incubated by Career Launcher India, one of Asia's leading education service providers.

Indus Academies are an attempt to bring a child-centered, innovative and friendly approach to learning, reclaiming it from the ivory towers of elite city schools and bringing it to children in rural India-at a cost that is affordable.

Our vision is simple. We hope to take quality education at an affordable cost to all children in rural India. Education that is creative and child-centered; inviting instead of intimidating. We understand that to instill in children a confidence in their abilities, we need the school to be a nurturing place. We understand that to make any meaningful impact in education it is critical to address scalability, viability and quality. Without scope for scaling up, there is no scope for growth, without a viable model there can be no sustainability.

We are working on creating alternative models to achieve viability at each school. If each school unit can sustain itself, the model can be deployed across the country. We believe the Academies can be a transformational experience in every stake-holder's life.

In the lives of the children, we hope this exposure and opportunity will develop them as independent thinkers and give them a chance to learn about themselves and others. If we want to make the story of India's progress inclusive and honest, we can no longer allow marginalization of rural communities.

Our hope is to reach at least 25,000 children in the next 3 years. We are confident that this approach is scalable; we hope that this is just the first step in revolutionizing schooling and making quality learning accessible to all.

If you would like to be part of this mission, please consider making a contribution below.

Help us make this dream a reality: a world where quality and child-centered learning is accessible to all.

For any ideas, suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us at:-

Nandini Sood
Program Director

E-mail - nandini.sood@clef.in

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