Don't wait - innovate!
Working at the BoP comes with its unique set of problems and challenges. Problem-solving through innovation is not only a CLEF core value but is also the only way to overcoming these hurdles. We believe in applying innovation to almost everything we do - from raising a school building to finding mentors who would run it, to applying the right kind of curriculum. With CLEF's experience and resources at our disposal, we have created a contextual curriculum that is easy to deliver. We hire and recruit local teachers and use innovative training methodologies to help them become mentors. We are now thinking of innovative ways to build modular schools! Research and innovation keeps quality high and costs low. It is a cornerstone of the Access and Excellence we want to bring to education.
school in a box
School in a Box
You do not need thousands of dollars to successfully establish and run a school. All you need are the right tools packaged in the right way, for the right people
Child-centric learning that focuses on the learner as an individual. Our 'learn by doing' approach makes curriculum experiential, contextual and easy to deliver
Locally hired, rigorously trained and certified, the Edu@Bop mentor is well equipped to understand experiential learning and the needs of children