Scale, viability and quality: the key issues
In our ongoing experiments to find the right fit model for BoP schools, we have come to understand that scalability, viability and quality need to be addressed. Without scope for scaling up, there is no scope for growth, without a viable model there can be no sustainability. The model we have chosen for these neighborhood schools is one that harnesses the power of the community and technology to grow into a self-sustaining system.
hub & spoke
Hub & Spoke
We created a model that encompasses a hub and spoke system of support, encourages entrepreneurial initiative and promotes accountability - all at a marginal cost.
Development is incomplete when it ignores the needs of the community at large. Our ultimate goal is to enable each BoP school to become a community enabling centre.  
More important than technology itself is its appropriate deployment. The Edu@BoP model employs technology beyond net-enabled classrooms and laptops.