Notes from the BoP
We believe in human capital, in people and the potential they hold within. Since we embarked on our journey in rural India, we have been in awe of the resilience of the human spirit. And are privileged to meet remarkable individuals with passion, humility and the courage to make a change, in their lives and of those around them. Their stories inspire us to continue on this journey. Too help realize potential. To give each dream a chance.
The slowly evolving attitude of parents shows a willingness to invest more in the education of their children. The expectations are high and the outlook is positive.
The journey from a mere unemployed graduate to a social engineer. Many local youth have become Edu@Bop mentors and have changed their lives in the bargain.
"We don't want to go home", say many of the Indus Academy children, some of gladly undertake a 40-minute trek to reach school - to learn, play, experience and live.