A CLF AP initiative to help every STATE and every EDUCATOR reach every child during #COVIDLOCKDOWN

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Core Purpose

Enabling Every Individual to Realize Their Potential and Making Their Dreams Come True

Dr Kalam
Narayana Murthy
Indra Nooyi
Kiran Mazumdar Shah

Born in marginalized families and from humble backgrounds, each one of them has harnessed the power of education to impact the society and transform the nation!

Scores of Kalams, Murthys, Indras, and Kirans are waiting to be empowered. All they need is access to meaningful & purposeful education & training. CLF has been—and continues to be-a catalyst in bringing about such transformation.

How Can CLF Help You

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If you, as a CSR-minded corporate citizen of India, are seeking a long-term play to make a difference in the areas of education, skill development, research & innovation using your CSR funds, we would be delighted to work as your implementation partners.


Increasing Access

CLF believes that education is the key to societal transformation. Hence, for educating every child.

Skill &  Development

Research & Innovation

Research and Innovation forms the backbone of any nation that takes rapid strikes towards

Sustainability & Environment

Incubation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation and research often lead to prototypes, concepts, and ideas with immense potential

Research & Incubation

Capacity Building

We undertake initiatives to build capacities of institutions, in the form of enhancing capabilities

Key Footprints

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Schools & Colleges
Research Funding
Innovation Incubation
Vocational Skilling
Admission Coaching for BPL Youth
Education & Fees Support

Why Us

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Our Vision

To be the leading CSR delivery vehicle in India by:

  • Offering Education to underprivileged sections of the society and helping them see their lives revitalized
  • Supporting Skill Development efforts to citizens who want to achieve their potential and fuelling their dreams' fulfilment
  • Transforming India's ethos towards Research & Innovation, thereby enabling the emergence of the country into a Global Economic Powerhouse

Our Mission

To make the truly deserving sections of our citizenry get the access to support systems & tools required to become self-sufficient through multiple means of education, skill development, research & innovation, thus providing sustainable economic development and transformation of the country into a developed zone.

Our Success Stories

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We have initiated a 3D Printing and Cyber Security Project supported by HP, Inc. and implemented in Indian Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi (UP).

We are the lead organizers for the HDFC-funded skill-development project for 100 slum children across the metros of Delhi and Mumbai, which will help them upgrade their vocational expertise and become economically contributory to their families and communities.

We have supported the cause of a Solar Car built by a team of engineers in Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, Delhi, which ended up being the second-best in the world in a competition for Solar Cars held in Pretoria (South Africa).

Our Partners

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