Core Ideology


Core Purpose

Each one of the founders of CL Educate hails from families that has held education as priority. No wonder then, the role of education in both family and societal transformation has been the driving force behind our evolution as a socially responsible corporate entity.

Right from inception, our core purpose has been: Enabling every individual realize their potential and making their dreams come true. CLF, our CSR arm, is central to this very purpose, especially in the context of marginalized segments of the society.

Core Values

Akin to the roots of mighty oaks, 5 core values nurture the very existence of CLF, as much as that of CL Educate.

Risk Taking

At CLF, what is critical is being decisive at all times, raising the red flags when encountered, and being ready and flexible to change roles as per organizational requirement.


CLF promotes a highly open culture. The staff are encouraged to voice their opinions, irrespective of seniority of the audience. Providing feedback and public recognitions of achievements are the norm.


Raising early alarms, knowing one’s responsibility and delivering to it, and overcoming ambiguity to ensuring tasks are completed on time are but a few examples of how CLF staff embodies Ownership.

Honesty and Commitment

Prevalent in all facets of our customer interaction: from counseling, ensuring relevant quality standards are met every time, rationally making commitments, and then subsequently working towards meeting them.


Encompasses implementable measurable improvement in one's own work leading to time & cost savings and increasing customer satisfaction. CLF promotes out-of-the-box thinking and logical closures to ideas.