Capacity Building

We undertake initiatives to build capacities of institutions, in the form of enhancing capabilities of the human resources of that institution; or building systems & processes, or designing pedagogy, curriculum, delivery mechanisms, etc., that could empower the institution and its leadership towards transformation.

Activities and Impact
  • Our IQM Leadership Series aims at capacity building of the educational leadership across schools and institutions through periodic conferences and workshops, which address various issues of significance.
  • Our IQM Leadership Workshops/Conferences, organized every quarter, in a handful of cities, have been attended by 2,000+ school principals so far. Each one of them has taken away learnings that can impact their own institution and its learning environment. Every year, CLF invests significantly in organizing these workshops and training programs.
  • In collaboration with institutions like AICTE, we also conduct skill development programs to enhance capacities of faculty members in the cutting-edge spaces of data science, AI/ML/Data mining etc., for the faculty members of various technical institutions, as well as those of various AICTE-affiliated institutions. So far, 500+ faculty members have attended these workshops.