Increasing Access

Mainstream Education

CLF believes that education is the key to societal transformation. Hence, for educating every child, we enable the access (i.e., reach, affordability, opportunities, inclusiveness). The overarching goal is to ensure each one of them becomes economically productive, financially self-sufficient, and independent contributor to not only their own families, but also to the society and nation at large.

Activities and Impact
  • We have facilitated hundreds of children in the hinterland of Telangana by ushering in early childhood education and primary schools through neighborhood small-format schools (Indus Academy)
  • We have supported in running a school for the marginalized in Majitha, Punjab.

Supplementary Support

We harness the strength of CL Educate in supplementary curriculum support and facilitating preparation for competitive exams to provide a level playing field to the marginalized & economically deprived. Support is provided to individual students, or to a collective through an institution. CLF may also collaborate in governmental endeavors to identify students, and support them through their education; and/or for the competitive examinations for a career they desire to pursue.

Activities and Impact
  • We have trained 3,700 students of Delhi Govt Schools, in the academic year 2018-19, for various competitive examinations. For the first time, students from these schools are qualifying for admissions to institutions like IITs, National Law Schools etc.
  • Access to, our career facilitation platform, is being provided free of cost across institutions. Read more
  • Making our platforms like GATEflix, etc., available free of cost to marginalized students. These platforms help them prepare for various competitive examinations (like GATE) through pro-active personalized sessions for doubt clearance and facilitation. Read more
  • Evangelizing and facilitating more and more women to take up various in-demand careers, by offering Test-Prep support under the “Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao” initiative.

Scholarships and Awards

Going ahead CLF intends to foster students who are good in Mathematics, because it is mother of all sciences and as a nation to innovate, we need to promote exceptional talent in Mathematics. CLF intends to collaborate with national level bodies to assess and identify the talent to give scholarships to outstanding students and also reward exceptional teachers in the field.