Skills & Livelihood Development

The transformation of the Indian economy into a formal, organized, and developed one will hinge upon the citizens imbibing skills that are relevant in an increasingly demanding, globalized era of efficiency and automation. Thus, contributing tangibly to the readiness of our workforce and creating opportunities for the same is an area of prime importance. Aided by CL Educate’s expertise in imparting skills training, CLF identifies youth from marginalized communities across various states, who have the attitude and potential to learn and contribute to the economic betterment of the nation. These skill education programs are framed and executed based on the specific needs of industries in a particular geographical location.

Activities and Impact
  • In the past, as a CSR initiative, CL Educate has run 21 ITIs (Industrial Training Institutes) under 1396 upgradation scheme of GOI across fives states of Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana. Over 1000 students were trained in various skills in three years and were placed in industry. Read more
  • We are the lead organizers for the HDFC-funded skill-development project for 100 slum children across the metros of Delhi and Mumbai. The objective is to upgrade their vocational expertise, so that they can contribute economically to their families and communities.
  • Through internships in AI/ML, CLF facilitates thousands of students across several technical institutions in the country. The internships enable them to be industry ready. Within the first four months since the announcement of the program 10,000+ engineering colleges had come on board and 13,000+ internship applications had been received. Read more