Free Machine Learning Internship

CL’s Data School has developed various outcome-driven machine learning programs for engineers and college students. These programs are focused at providing the students with the outcomes that are most sought after by them.

One of our biggest successes in helping the youth reach the ultimate was our Free Machine Learning Internships. This free internship covers the weekly, module-wise, projects which the students get to solve by picking the brains of their professors and our data science team through a dedicated communication channel for all the interns.

Following are the two Machine Learning program for college students

Machine Learning Internship

As per an AICTE mandate, all the engineering students are required to undergo an 8-week internship during their engineering as part of the academic requirement. While an internship is an academic requirement, even the best of the engineering colleges and students struggle to find quality internships.

With this need in mind, we went on to help the student community with our 8-week Machine Learning Internship. This internship is endorsed and co-certified by AICTE for all technical colleges in India. It is a cloud internship, a first of its kind, wherein over the period of 8-weeks a student solves industry problems in the field of finance on a real, company dataset. Intel is our software and hardware partner for all of our data science programs.

Here is an overview of this 8-week internship.

  • Weekly Assignments: Students will receive a series of assignments that incrementally solve a real-world machine learning problem
  • Mentoring: Students can reach out to one of our Machine Learning mentors on the Telegram group, in case they face any difficulty at any point in the program
  • Learning Videos: While it is good to struggle a bit and solve a data science problem without help, we have hours of videos to help students learn the basic concepts of Machine learning with Python
  • Internship Certificate: At the end of the internship students will receive an internship completion certificate upon passing the digital interview

Currently, 13,000+ students have been a part of this internship. While this internship immensely helped the students to achieve one of their desired outcomes, i.e. the internship, we created an extension of this program which could help the students to go ahead and even get a job basis their free internship.

Career Launcher Placement Cell

With the Career Launcher Placement Cell, we are delivering to them the ultimate outcome i.e. a job.

The Placement Cell checks the students on the performance in the free Machine Learning Internship or in one our other Machine Learning programs. This leads to the students landing up with lucrative jobs in the best of the corporates and the start-ups.

During the students’ journey in the Placement Cell, students will be under the watchful eye of corporate leaders from the very first day.

The placement cell makes it easy for the corporates to evaluate the students through the following three aspects.

  • Profile score - A candidate’s profile score is calculated based on their academic performance and other achievements.
  • Personality and Communication Assessment - This test gives us a deep insight about the student’s personality and how they express it with their communication
  • Personal discussion - An open-ended discussion on the candidate’s career goals and aspirations.