Research & Innovation

Research and Innovation forms the backbone of any nation that takes rapid strikes towards a developed nation. India, as a nation, has just started this journey in a purposeful manner.

As part our educational institution network and outreach, we consider it within the scope of research & innovation efforts to support these uplifting & good business practices. Leveraging on the expertise of CL Educate’s Accendere and its own platform WAINConnect (Worldwide Academia Industry Network), CLF has been actively involved in initiatives that support governmental endeavors, as well as private initiatives to impact institutions & individuals in the domains of research and innovation.

Activities and Impact
  • National R&D Fund: CLF provides research grants to promising projects that have the potential to impact the nation and the society.
  • WAINConnect: 75,388 Innovators | US$ 4mn funding | US $45mn funds raised | 33 mini challenges | 22 partners Through the WAINConnect platform, we aggregate innovations and research across institutions nationwide. This CSR initiative enables both those institutions and corporates to collaborate on the projects that are of vital importance to them.
  • As the Data Science Partner of the Government of India’s MHRD Innovation Cell in Smart India Hackathon, we were entrusted with evaluating the effectiveness of each of the projects.
  • We intend to support the MHRD endeavor not only by committing our capability in the evaluation using data science, but also to provide scholarships/internships in the form of rewards for the best projects